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Event Services

With more than 30 years of experience in organizing events for the Aviation and Space Industry in Switzerland, our team will support you on your projects or plan and execute full scale fairs and congresses. We design, plan and deliver Aviation and Space infotainment events for bespoke audiences in the B2B and public domain!

PRORES Aerospace is a European content and service provider for high-profile infotainment concepts in the Aerospace sector. Our experienced teams are specialized in small and mid-sized events (up to 500 participants), delivering on the promise of immersive multi-media productions for a mainly B2B audience. PRORES delivers from existing production portfolios (e.g. ORIGINS SOIREE | Planetarium Show, FORTITUDE | NewSpace Documentary, various Aerospace conference settings) and designing new and bespoke formats based on clients' objectives and outreach targets.

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